About Steven Amendola

I come from very modest means and knew if I wanted spending money I would have to work for it. I started working at age 13 as a cleaner for a bakery in Hopewell Junction, NY on Sunday evenings. I resented it at the time but realized later on in life that It was a lesson I took with me…even to this day!

I have been in this wonderful industry for over 40 years! I started at 18 years old right after High School and have loved it ever since.

At 18, I went to Westchester to work at B. Altman’s. They had a large Salon in their department store and transferred me to their New York City store. When I was 20 I was promoted and sent to their affiliate Salon in RH Stearns in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

When I was 23 I left Massachusetts and came back to Hopewell Junction, where I purchased the very building that was home to the bakery that I cleaned and opened my first Salon!

With the support of Family, good friends and our loyal clients (many still with me from my first Salon to this day! ) we have grown into a Salon & Spa with over 30 team members!!

I cannot end this Bio without acknowledging my parents, Victor & Irene Amendola for all of their constant love & support and advice to always follow your dreams. My father told us to find a career that you love…you will be doing it for a long time! I will always hold them close to my heart…they made me the person I am today!

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